Tilt: Wicked at Woodward

Tilt: Wicked at Woodward
The Tilt crew have got together and have had a wicked time at woodward. It's great to see everyone getting together in one video!
Riders (in order of appearance):
Delaney Ball @delaneyball24
Eden Gagliano @edengagliano
Willy Judy @will.judy
Will Cashion @whitetrashwilly
Kaden Dudley @kdudler
Sean Liu @switchwhip
Brody Heinzmann @br0dy_heinzmann
Kadan Everling @kadan_tha_one
Will McLean @will_m.clean
Will Harrison @lilstinky1
Nico Montalvo
Xander Fortner @xanderfortner
Tim Sheekey @timelessnesstim
Conner Pedersen @connerpedersenn
Hudson Smith @hudson_smith10
Colin McLean @colinmcdirty
Clark Socie @clark_the_great
Filming and Editing: Daniel Cardenas @burritogueedo

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