FIGZ Collection is a rider-owned company that was founded in 2017 on the Gold Coast, Australia. We are passionate about supporting professional athletes within action sport industries to help give them the opportunity to pursue their professional full-time.

FIGZ Collection illustrates and manufactures collectable stickers of professional athletes. Different to regular branding stickers, they gives the customer a personal bond to their favourite athlete in the sport. For every signature product sold worldwide, the athletes receive a royalty to help them transition into doing what they love, full-time.

We have created a platform that connects professional athletes to the youth and future of the sport. Using social media, videos, events, meet and greets and giveaways. We are proud to be pushing the traditional boundaries of action sports and focusing on the essence of what really makes it thrive. It is the consistent support and experience of professional athletes that helps pave the way for the younger generations.

It all starts with a sticker.

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